Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A string of events caused by grace

Click on my face above to see a video of our most recent outreach to our local community of Llacanora.  

A string of events caused by grace
Good morning from the Andes Mountains.  Thank you for your interest in what God is doing here at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru.  I would like to tell you a story, something I was able to be a witness of over the last few weeks, concerning a string of events that displays the direct connection between our first class of the semester and the direct fruit born in the outreach seen above in the video. This year God led us to open up our semester with our first class “Growing in Grace” taught by Brad Lambert from CC Living Hope in Oceanside, CA (class seen above). Our principal goal as a school can be expressed in the words of the title of the class, that we might see God raise up an army of Christian servants who are driven by grace.  In the class a contrast was made between “Old Covenant, law driven” servants of God and “New Covenant, grace driven” servants of God.  
Now I would like to introduce you to one of our students Alexis Fiestas (seen above).  Alexis, before arriving to Calvary Chapel Lima, was in a ministry for a long time that he would describe as Old Covenant.  They had a program, they were strong, but he couldn’t find the Lord working in his life in that ministry.  He then arrived at Calvary Chapel Lima and finally to the Bible College where he has learned about the grace of God.  He summarises the change like this, “Before, legalism was more important to me, now, the people are more important.”  A week after the end of “Growing in Grace” we had our first semester outreach to the central plaza of our small farming community called “Llacanora" (video above).  Alexis was placed in charge and he led it with emphasis toward people and relationships and with less emphasis on program and schedule.  
Alexis' emphasis bore fruit!  During the outreach, the students as a whole were, on their own initiation, pursuing the people.  Toward the last hour or so of the outreach one could see students scattered throughout the plaza talking one on one with the people, meeting them, praying with them.  The next Sunday at our brand new on campus church service, we received our first two non-student or staff attenders, two people from the community who we were able to reach through the outreach!  There names are Nancy and John.  They brought their children and their children were able to enjoy Sunday school.  This is the kind of the fruit that we love and expect to see if it is God moving through this school, and I am so privilegded to be a part of it.  It begins with the word in class, and it reaches one student leader, it changes his emphasis, it spreads to many students, it reaches into the community, and it begins to light a fire in the hearts of men.  This is not a man centered work!  This is God, showing grace and lighting hearts on fire with passion as a result. Thank you all so much for being a part of the fruit of this ministry.  Please pray that our current classes: "Daniel" with Marquitos Martinez, "Pastoral Epistles" with Kevin Green, and "Proverbs" with John Bonner would bear fruit as well.  

The staff and student body of CCBC Peru Spring 2016.  
Construction has been happening at break neck speed the last few weeks.  This is a recently finished room in our administration building where we are currently meeting for church services.  We call it "the sun room."  It looks sunny, doesn't it?
A team from Seigen, Germany was here for three weeks and tackled huge amounts of the construction project.  And they were a hilarious group of guys.  I never thought I would come to Peru and learn some German.  
Women's retreat just last weekend at Laguna Seca Resort.  Theme: John 15
Pastor Brad from Calvary Living Hope, when he taught the Growing in Grace class brought three good friends of mine with him to support the work.  They were a blessing to me and to the class and also did some work on campus.  Mike Farril (to the right of Brad), Jared Younger, and David Mealy (both on far right).  
One of the things the German team tackled was the roof of the auditorium.  Pretty soon we'll be meeting in here to have church services and classes.  
Thank you for your prayers from the Carvers.  Please pray for wisdom in discipleship of the students, which is the most important focus of the ministry.  Also please pray for wisdom concerning the next step in our family life, the education of our children.  There are so many options and in our situation we need the Lord to direct us to the right one.  God bless you all...until the Lord comes.  
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